Hi, I am Penguin!

Also 斟酌 鵬兄 ( not a real name ). Am Chinese, currently lives in HK. I works on various projects with my free time that I think is awesome.


Botanical Framework Family

BotanJS - a JS & CSS API / framework for Web

VimArea - Yet another Vim implementation attepmt using textarea

SyntaxHighlighter - A port to BotanJS

BotanSS - Botanical Simple Servlet for Web ( node.js )

wenku8 Reading Experience

wenku8 ( deprecated ) - An online book reader for windows phone 8

wenku10 - A versatile textreader that could grab almost everything into a book

Net.Astropenguin - The core of every C# projects I use

libeburc - A C++ / CX port of the ebwin library

Rho - The p2p content caching services

Taotu3 Spider Technology

taotu3 ( pending ) - An image grabber for UWP